Through our agency relationship with three of the largest, most reputable title insurance companies in the United States, we are able to provide title insurance coverage for our clients on any of the real estate related transactions we handle.

NEW WAY prides itself on its ability to provide quality real estate work, and we are sensitive to the importance of turn around times. We are continuously available by telephone, correspondence, or Email to answer any questions which our clients may have.

Our Six Steps

Step 1

Consultation with Realtors, mortgage brokers and loan officers regarding initial structuring of the transaction

Step 2

Preparation and review of all documentation required for consummation thereof

Step 3

Preparation and review of Title Insurance Commitments and Policies incident to real estate secured loans

Step 4

Attend at all closings whether the closing is taking place in our office or out of the office

Step 5

Recording and filing of appropriate documentation

Step 6

Following-up on post-closing matters as required on a case-by-case basis.