Thank you for visiting us online. New Way Title Corp. was created in 1999 to assist several Miami Lakes, Florida real estate professionals in closing their clients’ transactions. They required that the work be completed with accuracy, timeliness and courtesy. The company was later acquired by David F. Anderson, Esq. New Way Title renewed its commitment to an ever-growing list of real estate professionals, both in and beyond the Miami Lakes area. New Way Title Corp currently has two processors, a closer, two account managers, a lender liaison and an attorney with a post-doctorate in real estate law on staff. The same business model prevails:

  • Treat each client and referral source as the all-important asset each is to us. Each one deserves our new approach
  • Treat each client and referral source in a responsible, professional and courteous manner.

New Way Title Corp

The combined experience of 40+ years in the title, legal and lending fields is one of our biggest resources.
New Way Title is licensed throughout the State of Florida and we frequently do mail-away closings, both domestically and internationally.


Our corporate mission is to provide real estate closing and settlement services to our clients in a diligent and professional manner. We pledge to work in close cooperation with other professionals involved, such as Realtors and mortgage brokers, to achieve timely and efficient results. Those for whom and with whom we work deserve to be treated with integrity and respect.

In furtherance of this mission, we will strive to utilize state-of-the-art technology and to promote personnel growth and development through education and training. We will also closely work in conjunction with our valued title insurance underwriters in providing benefit and quality to our clients.

On a personal level, we will assist and advance one another so that each colleague may realize his or her full potential in business and personal life.

In short, we will treat others as we want to be treated ourselves.

We have provided several pages on our site to assist you,
answer common questions and to make it easy to order title services.
Please contact us at anytime.  Call (305) 827-0680.
We always greatly appreciate your input.